Once you’ve clicked the link below, you’ll need to enter your Online Code
found on your paper order form or on the
card you were given at time of photography.


Family Plan Details:

The Family Plan is exclusively designed for Fall Photos from the current school year. Kindly note the following important points:

  • Orders under the Family Plan are NOT processed automatically online. You'll need to follow the procedure below to avail your complimentary family plan packages.
  • Our Family Plan is specifically for families having 3 or more immediate siblings photographed at any of our affiliated school locations.
  • Unfortunately, group photos including friends, mixed siblings, friend/buddy pairings, and Graduation photos are NOT part of this promotional offer. It is limited to individual Fall Photos.
  • Retouching is not included in the Family Plan.

How to Claim Your Family Plan Packages:

  1. Place an online order for your first two students. (Some users might encounter issues processing orders for two different students simultaneously. If this happens, kindly order for each student separately.)
  2. Email us at with the order numbers for the two billed students. Also provide the names and schools of any other students in your household.
  3. Upon verification, we'll send you a discount code to order your complimentary Family Plan packages.

Please be patient as this is a manual process. Response times can range between 24 to 72 hours based on the number of requests.